Frank J. Strazzarino Memorial Scholarship

Frank J. Strazzarino Memorial Scholarship

Frank J. Strazzarino Memorial Scholarship 

Each year, the Redding Chamber of Commerce is proud to support talented north state students as they continue their education. Family members of Chamber members are eligible.

Eligibility and General Information:

-Applicant must be an employee of, or an immediate family member of an employee of a Redding Chamber member.
-This program is not limited to high school seniors. Any student beginning, or currently
enrolled in, any higher education program may apply.
-Applicant must show proof of full-time enrollment at a college, university, trade school, etc. in the coming year. Any higher education program qualifies.

-No specific GPA, interest, financial need, or honors required.
-Scholarship is for one year only. Recipients may apply on an equal basis with new applicants
in following years for additional scholarships.
-Scholarships checks are sent directly to your school of choice, and are usually applied in equal installments to fall and spring semesters.

Application Instructions

-Fill out the online application. You’ll be asked for your social security number or college student ID (for school
communication purposes)
-Prepare and upload documents listed below
-After application submission, you will be contacted via email to schedule an in-person interview with the Scholarship Committee.

Documents to Upload

-Three signed letters of recommendation: two from recent teachers/instructors, and one from the owner or representative of the Redding Chamber Member.
-College Acceptance Letter
-Autobiography Essay:
-What are your extracurricular activities, school activities, achievements, interests,
-What are your education and career goals?
-What leader inspires you? How has that person impacted your goals?
-500 word max

Your application and all required documents must be submitted online by Friday,  May 12th, 2023, at 5:00 pm. Applications with missing documents will not be considered.

Contribution to this fund comes from the generosity of our members and citizens. To support North State Students by making a donation, please click the button below.