Community Funding Partners



A Champion of Strong Local Communities

Advocacy efforts to support the Greater Redding area

Champion Overview

A champion—in the context of local advocacy—is described as an organization that fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.

The Redding Chamber of Commerce fights on behalf of businesses and citizens through a political action committee and through strategic partnerships to build a strong city and local communities in the region.

Endorses Smart Planning

The Redding Chamber of Commerce endorses smart planning decisions for long-term community sustainability.

Promotes Community Safety Initiatives

The Redding Chamber of Commerce supports strong community law enforcement initiatives to keep citizens and businesses alike safe and secure.

The pursuit of Strategic Partnerships

The Redding Chamber of Commerce works to identify strategic partnerships for the benefit of business retention and growth, workforce development, charitable giving, and leadership development.

Representing our Beautiful North State

The Redding Chamber of Commerce represents Redding and our northern California region by responding to visitor needs and providing relocation assistance to businesses wishing to move to the area. Relocation information can be requested online.