A Convener of Redding Business Owners and Influencers

Providing networking opportunities throughout the year

Convener Overview

The strict definition of convener is one who brings together or assembles a group of people, generally for a public purpose.

Providing many networking opportunities throughout the year, the Greater Redding Area Chamber of Commerce is a convener of business owners and influencers in the Redding area.

Frequent Networking Events

The Redding Chamber of Commerce events calendar is jam-packed with many opportunities for member businesses to showcase their products and services or to introduce themselves to other Chamber members. 

  • Greeters – Every Thursday morning at 7:45 am (at a new business each week)
  • New Business Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies
  • Coffee with Jake (meet and discuss issues with the Chamber CEO and visiting elected officials)

Annual Networking Events

Yearly events like the Kool April Nites Mixer give Chamber members an added opportunity to connect with other members.