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About the Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesses organized to improve the business climate and contribute to the economic health of its membership and the Greater Redding area.

Chamber Overview

Serving the Redding Community by Supporting our Members.

Located in beautiful Redding, California, the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce fulfills its mission by serving 3 audiences:

  • Our Business Members
  • Non-Member Businesses
  • Visitors & Residents

Our Business Members

The Redding Chamber offers a wide range of services to help our business members in their pursuit of success.

Business Promotion

From weekly “Greeters” meetings to our bi-monthly e-newsletter, our members benefit from a range of opportunities to build relationships with potential customers and partners.  

Business Advocacy

Many members are unaware of our powerful advocacy efforts. The voice of business is heard when the Chamber works with elected and appointed officials to promote policies that make the Redding area a desirable place to live, work and visit.

  • Represents your business on transportation, education, workforce development, and other issues.
  • Fights to reduce regulations when we represent the business community on city, county and state issues.
  • Sponsors candidate and issue forums, discussion groups, and legislative updates.
  • Initiates programs to improve business members’ bottom line.
  • Builds strategic alliances with other business and economic development organizations and government officials.

Non-member Businesses

The Chamber also serves businesses interested in relocating to the Redding area and/or working with businesses and organizations located in Redding. For these non-member businesses, we offer informational services that provide valuable insight and access to the Redding community. For a listing of services available, visit these areas of our website:

  • Publications
  • Business Relocation Information
  • About Redding
  • Visitors and Residents