A River Runs Through it: Two Major Riverfront Projects Afloat

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Did you know that in Wintu, the river that runs through Redding is called Bohema Mem, meaning “great water”. Spanish explorer, Gabriel Moraga, named it Rio de los Sacramentos (River of Sacraments) in 1808. Eventually it was shortened to the Sacramento River. I know that another word for sacrament is “gift”, and it is this beautiful, natural treasure that […]

Supporting Local Chambers Means Supporting Local Businesses

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Richard Hartnett Local Chambers of Commerce are our nation’s strongest small business advocates, providing a voice for thousands of communities across America. When businesses succeed, communities succeed, and local chambers are there every step of the way empowering businesses to grow and thrive even in the most challenging of circumstances. That’s why the U.S. Chamber […]

New 2022 California Employment Laws

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This year’s legislative session officially ended with Governor Newsom signing the last batch of bills over the weekend. The COVID-19 pandemic was still challenging for the California Legislature, but that didn’t stop it from sending several hundred bills to the Governor, many of which impact California employers. Here’s a quick look at some of the […]