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Shasta County District 5 Board of Supervisors Forum Video

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The Redding Chamber of Commerce is proud of our commitment to bring you trusted and current information on candidates in local elections. We are releasing videos of our recent candidate forums as well as a series of videos with information highlighting other local races of importance as they relate to business. Questions asked of the candidates in these forums and interviews are formed around the businesses perspective. The next race we are highlighting is the Shasta County District 5 Board of Supervisors.

We encourage you to examine the website of the candidates and listen to their interviews with us and others to make an informed voting decision.

Introducing the Candidates


baronBaron Browning Candidates Statement

As Mayor of Anderson, it has been one of my greatest privileges to serve a community that has created the person I am today. After finishing my time in the Marine Corps, Shasta County was where I chose to raise my family, start a business, and develop lasting relationships with many of you whom I now consider my closest friends. I ran for Anderson City Council after observing the problems that our city faced firsthand. I made a commitment to work with you and develop solutions to the problems we faced. We did just that. I have worked with other council members as your council representative to make Anderson one of the greatest places to live in California. Now, I present myself to a greater audience, with the same commitments I made when I first ran eight years ago. I am asking you to work with me to address the same issues we have solved before, but now on a larger scale. As a family man, a business owner, and a marine who will be a voice to our veterans, I am ready to serve you. <VISIT BARON BROWNING’S WEBSITE>



Chris CircleChris Kelstrom Candidate Statement

I was born and raised in Shasta County. As a Shasta County native, I attended local schools including Enterprise and Shasta College. In 1987 I managed my first business in Anderson and moved to Cottonwood in 1988 which is still home today. I spent 14 years in business management and in 2001 managed a business in Happy Valley. I would like to bring that business experience to the Board of Supervisors. For the past 20 years I have focused on customer service in my current career. I would like to bring that experience to our county departments as a supervisor. I am a director on the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce and I was a shop steward for the Teamsters. I am a life member of the NRA and a member of the California Rifle and Pistol Association. As a Shasta County native I love this county and would like to return the power back to “ We the People” where it belongs. I am not a career politician and if elected I will push for term limits for our supervisors. I would be honored to earn your vote for Shasta County Supervisor. <VISIT CHRIS KELSTROM’S WEBSITE>



frankFrank A. LoBue Candidate Statement

I Frank LoBue am Seeking Your Vote Your Voice to be Your Full Time Supervisor. I Have a Dream; Families Thriving in Shasta County North State. A Center for New Jobs and New Industries. My life’s Knowledge, Works and Skills are Committed to Shasta’s Public Safety and Your Public Trust, Professionalism, Ethics, Financial Accountability and Jobs Well Done. You have My FuLL TIME Commitment to Address and Resolve our Pressing Issues Combating Rising Crime, A New Jail for Our New Courthouse, A New Crystal Creek Rehab Camp with Fire Crews and New Annex Work Release, Addressing Thousands of Marijuana grows using our Precious Water, Local Mental Health and Drug Addiction Rehab, Fire Victims, Homelessness, Truth Transparency about Mask Vaccine Mandates, Fast Tract Building Permits Modern Safe Green Fireproof ICF Construction Lowering Energy, Fire insurance. District 5 My Family and My Home 50 years. My Degrees, Certificates; Business, Mechanics, My 20 years Public Servant retired Shasta DPW Mechanic, Welder, Class A Truck, SCEA-Teamster Shop Steward Labor Contracts, US Park Service Mechanic, Fire Fighter, Mill Wright, Service Manager NorCal Airlines A&P-AI Inspector, IFR Commercial Pilot, Jet, Engine Specialist, 30 Years Frank LoBue Construction Cad Design License 668836, Realtor. Volunteer: PlusOne Mentors and HS Welding Instructor. <VISIT FRANK LOBUE‘S WEBSITE>

alexmadrigal e1651175829849Alex Madrigal Candidate Statement

I have lived and been invested in Shasta County my entire life, choosing to raise my children in this community. as actively involved in our local school by serving as President of their School Board. During that time I rallied for improvements such as raising $20,000 for a new track and field, initiating an art program, and coaching sports to engage students and promote higher learning. If elected, I will attend school board meetings in my district to listen to staff, parents, and students so that I may address their concerns and represent them to the highest level of our county. In my current job, I am seeing firsthand the struggles of some of our population, and consequently the impacts that has on our community as a whole. I will take a grassroots approach to gain information to make informed administrative decisions at the Board of Supervisors level. <VISIT ALEX MADRIGAL‘S WEBSITE>



coltColt Roberts Candidate Statement

I’m running because I would like to serve as your next District 5 Shasta County Supervisor. As a father, husband, and businessman, I am deeply concerned about what is taking place in our county. Government overreach, like the firing of workers who stood on their own principles against government mandates, or our children who are being required to wear a face mask or submit to an experimental vaccine to attend school, are all issues that I strongly oppose and will work to resolve here at the county level. State mandates negatively impact our medical freedom and religious liberty, and they open new doors that are nearly impossible to close. They infringe on our right to travel, our property rights, our right to keep and bear arms, and our rights as parents to choose what we believe is right for our children. I will stand with you to protect your constitutional rights along with the principles that our framers passed down to our generations to preserve. We the people need a fundamental change in our representation and priorities. At the local level, that change will come through serving the citizens of Shasta County and working to ensure your natural God-given rights are secured. <VISIT COLT ROBERT‘S WEBSITE>

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title 350 × 256 px 4The Chamber held a candidates forum for the Shasta County District 5 Board of Supervisors Candidates on April 13th. The questions asked were asked from a business perspective based on survey feedback from Chamber members.

Feel free to skip to the questions of most importance to you by using the timestamps in the video.


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