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Shasta County District 1 Board of Supervisors Candidate Information

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The Redding Chamber of Commerce is proud of our commitment to bring you trusted and current information on candidates in local elections. Below you will find information on the candidates running for Shasta County Board of Supervisors for District 1 as well as a video of the candidate forum that the Chamber hosted last April.

We encourage you to examine the website of the candidates and listen to the Chamber candidate forum and others to make an informed voting decision.

Introducing the Candidates

kevincryeheadshot e1650934252523
Kevin Cyre- Businessman, teacher, coach

Kevin Crye Candidate Statement-

I’ve spent my life in Shasta County, working as a mentor, coach and teacher for our kids to help them reach their full potential. I’m a political outsider and motivated to run because I couldn’t stand to watch our liberties trampled anymore. Our local leaders turned their backs on us and let the state mask our kids, shut down small businesses, calling them non-essential, and leaving our local residents unheard. I am running for Shasta County Supervisor to lead our community with integrity and backbone, especially through the next phase of economic uncertainty. As Supervisor, my priority will be to prioritize public safety. Shasta County should be a destination, not an eyesore of crime and vagrancy we are embarrassed to mention. As a fiscal conservative, I will always oppose new and higher taxes. I will bring back transparency to our local government and will always side with parents and respect their rights. Raised here in Shasta County, I have a beautiful wife and three amazing kids. It pains me that so many of our children missed years of quality education because of poor political decisions. We need to stand together and bring back the Shasta County we remember and love.   


Erin Resner Headshot
Erin Resner- Business Owner

Erin Resner Candidate Statement-

I’ve heard it said that while voting, the wisest and most courageous vote is for the candidate willing to build a bridge. A bridge from the community to those in power, a bridge connecting departments and jurisdictions, and a bridge closing the gap between those who disagree. As a member of the Redding City Council and former mayor, I know what it takes to see real change. District 1 needs a leader dedicated to working families, veterans, businesses, and youth. We need a leader who provides a hands-on approach to bringing the concerns and priorities of the people who live in this district to the full Board of Supervisors for resolution and resources. We need a leader who is brave and committed but values decorum and respect. I am that leader. In my over 15 years of business ownership, combined with my government experience and years given to non-profit work, I have a proven track record of dynamic leadership. I’ve already built the bridges. And it’s time to build more. I have the tools, the relationships, the knowledge, and the heart and I will stop at nothing to fight for a community my children are proud to call home.   


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The questions asked in this forum were formed from a business perspective based on survey feedback from Chamber members.

Feel free to skip to the questions of most importance to you by using the timestamps in the video.


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