Government Needs a 21st Century Digital Transformation

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Jordan Crenshaw It’s 2021, but some government agencies are still running on systems from the 1950s. Legacy systems like FORTRAN and COBOL not only cause costly delays, they also make government vulnerable to security risks and less able to serve the American public. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these outdated systems wrought havoc on relief efforts […]

Q4 Economic Snapshot Reveals Rebound in Confidence

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We have anecdotally heard from our members that some have fared well, while others have fallen flat during the past year of “ultimate challenge”. The latest Economic Snapshot, brought to you through a partnership with the Redding Chamber of Commerce and Golden Valley Bank, indicates that the leading economic indicators are holding relatively steady. In […]

At Least It’s a Start: Multiemployer Pension Relief

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Chantel Sheaks Most legislation is not perfect, especially anything that goes through reconciliation, an arcane process that often sacrifices substance over form. And the multiemployer provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) fall in this camp.  However, in this case, something is better than nothing, and nothing was where we were headed.  Millions of […]