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The Chamber Board Opposes Local Recall (What’s a Recall?)

This week the Redding Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee and Board of Directors unanimously voted to oppose the effort to recall Shasta County Supervisors Joe Chimenti, Leonard Moty, and Mary Rickert. To read the media release, please CLICK HERE.

shasta county recall Coincidentally, it was reported Monday that the recall has been put on pause due to a technicality. As reported on redding.com:

In a letter to one of the attorneys working for the anti-recall group Shasta Forward, Cathy Darling Allen, county clerk and registrar of voters, said proponents of the recall did not include their signatures in the notices of intention published in the Record Searchlight newspaper. That is among one of the first steps recall petitioners must take by law before they can begin to collect signatures from the public in their attempts to put the recall on a ballot later this year.
I was visiting with a Chamber Member this week who admitted that he was not completely clear as to how a recall works. His supposition was that many others in the Chamber may also not have a complete understanding of the process. Here is a link to the California Secretary of State’s “recall playbook”: CLICK HERE.
Here are the basics of the process, again from redding.com:
Anybody who is a registered voter in one of the districts that is being targeted by recall can run for the seat. But it will cost you $535 to file the paperwork, Darling Allen said. If proponents collect enough signatures and the petition is validated by Darling Allen, then she will go to the Board of Supervisors and ask them to call an election. Supervisors have 14 days to do so. If they don’t do it, then Darling Allen by law must call an election. Once an election date is set, Darling Allen’s office will create an election calendar that includes the time period for candidates to file the paperwork to run. On the ballot, voters would be asked to vote “yes” or “no” for the recall. The candidates running for the seat also would be on the ballot and voters would be asked to choose one. For the record, if you vote to reject the recall, you can still vote for a candidate, Darling Allen said.
One of the little talked about nuances of the recall process is what happens if the supervisors facing the recall decide to resign instead. If that were to occur, it would be California Governor Gavin Newsom who would appoint their replacements. I would guess the recall proponents would not be supportive of his choices.
Jake Mangas
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