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Shasta County Sheriff-Coroner Candidates

shasta county sheriff

The Redding Chamber of Commerce is proud of our commitment to bring you trusted and current information on candidates in local elections. Recently we released videos of our recent candidate forums, and are currently releasing a series of video interviews asking questions from a business perspective, as well as additional campaign information highlighting other local races of importance as they relate to business. The third of these is the race for Shasta County Sheriff.

Recent surveys have told us that homelessness and criminal activity are important issues to the business community. The Sheriff will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with county departments and organizations to address these challenges. We encourage you to examine the website of the candidates and listen to their interviews with the Chamber and others, to make an informed voting decision.

Please watch the video of our recent interviews with Retired Sheriff’s Sergeant, John Greene and Shasta County Sheriff, Mike Johnson.




John Green’s Candidate Statement:

As candidate for Shasta County Sheriff-Coroner, I am dedicated, motivated and not afraid to challenge the status quo. I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and bring over 27years of law enforcement experience and leadership exclusively in Shasta County, also serving on the 2020/2021 Grand Jury. After having three Sheriffs in the past three years, two being appointed, you finally have the opportunity to elect your next Sheriff. I cannot stand by as our Sheriff’s department is destroyed from within leaving us with the revolving jail door, rampant crime and drug abuse that has plagued our community for the last 16 years. As your Sheriff I will be committed to your Second Amendment rights, accountability, transparency and bringing fresh leadership into office. As Sheriff, I will ensure collaboration and communication between all public safety entities. If you want positive change, join me in the attack on the same old excuses to the same old problems, and help me fight the good old boy system. I stand for integrity, public safety and protecting the constitution and our American way of life. It’s time to get Shasta County back on track! Use your voice and vote for me, John Greene, Shasta County Sheriff-Coroner.



Mike Johnson’s Candidate Statement:

As your Sheriff, I am honored to serve residents of Shasta County remain committed to protecting your constitutional rights, liberty, and property. With 26 years of continuous, active experience in law enforcement, I worked through the ranks at city and rural county agencies. I served as the City of Anderson Police Chief for nine years before becoming your 23rd Shasta County SheriffCoroner. I am dedicated to delivering the highest quality law enforcement to the communities we serve. I hold all CA POST Certifications, a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management, Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico. I’m actively involved in our community service organizations, including Anderson Rotary, Youth Violence Prevention Council, Asphalt Cowboys, Children’s Legacy Center and Community Corrections Partnerships. Since August, I have worked to improve public safety and services by increasing our numbers on patrol and in the jail; added resident deputies to rural substations; led the County’s Illegal Cannabis Eradication Program; instituted a multi-agency investigation team. My top priority – coordinating joint agency partners and staffing the new Shasta County Corrections & Rehabilitation Center. Vote for Michael Johnson – for Strength, Honor, Integrity & Results.


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