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Shasta County District Attorney Candidates

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The Redding Chamber of Commerce is proud of our commitment to bring you trusted and current information on candidates in local elections. Recently we released videos of our recent candidate forums, and are currently releasing a series of video interviews asking questions from a business perspective, as well as additional campaign information highlighting other local races of importance as they relate to business. The second of these is the race for Shasta County District Attorney.

Recent surveys have told us that homelessness and criminal activity are important issues to the business community. The District Attorney will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with county departments and organizations to address these challenges. We encourage you to examine the website of the candidates and listen to their interviews with the Chamber and others, to make an informed voting decision.

Please watch the video of our recent interview with current Shasta County District Attorney, Stephanie Bridgett.


All candidates were contacted and invited to participate in an interview with the Chamber as an opportunity to share their campaign message with the business community.


Stephanie Bridgett’s Candidate Statement:

I am an experienced trial attorney who has spent two decades personally prosecuting criminal jury trials, sending murders, rapists, and child molesters to prison for life. I have fought against the early release from prison of violent felons. I oppose legislation that makes our community less safe. I support a new, larger county jail for criminals that prey on our local residents and I am actively working to make it a reality. I put on an annual community Senior and Veteran Fraud Prevention Fair. I speak at area schools regarding the danger of human trafficking, bullying, and cyber safety. I’m a founding Board Member of the Children’s Legacy Center, a one-stop-shop that provides resources and hope to children who are victims of or witnesses to crime. I was raised in a military family and I feel blessed to have found a county that I call my home, where I live with my husband and four kids. I support the Second Amendment and have always been dedicated to serving my country and my county. Leading the District Attorney’s Office for the last five years has been my privilege. I would be honored to receive your vote.



Erik Jensen’s Candidate Statement:

Shasta County is less safe today than it was five years ago. Dangerous homeless encampments, illegal marijuana grows, opioid abuse and theft continue to plague our community. Hope that some future legislation from Sacramento will solve this problem is not a solution. Our elected officials have had ample opportunity to address these problems. We need people from outside of the establishment to make the changes necessary to protect our community. I have been practicing law as an attorney in private industry since 2002. For nearly twenty years, I have served as legal counsel to Fortune 500 companies and local businesses investigating and protecting them against fraud. My clients demand measurable results at a fair price and we should too. As your District Attorney I will provide law enforcement the support they need to effectively perform their duties. I will fight government corruption, ensure fair elections, and protect the Constitutional rights of our citizens. I will regularly publish key statistics so that the public can accurately assess my performance with real data, not a handful of accomplishments released to the media. My wife of 17 years and our four children deserve a better future in Shasta County and so do you!



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