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Redding Electric Utility

REU is prpviding an assistance program for commercial customers that will allow any accumulated unpaid balances to be amortized over the next 24 months without accruing late penalties or interest. Look for an update to REU’s website and to this page when the program is launched this August.

Additionally, residential customers may be eligible for up to a $300 bill credit on their residential utility account through our Community Assistance for Redding Electric Service (CARES) program if the electric service at the home is provided by Redding Electric Utility (REU).

If you, your staff or family’s finances have suffered financial hardship due to this Covid-19 economic crisis, REU may credit the electric portion of your City of Redding utility bill up to $300. CARES is typically available only to income-qualified customers, and the offer is limited to once in twelve months. Because pandemic pressures have impacted our local economy so severely, we are encouraging all of our customers who have lost their jobs, may be working fewer hours, are earning less income or have suffered some other financial hardship related to the pandemic, to apply for this one-time benefit, even if they have already qualified for CARES within the past twelve months. Only residential customers are eligible to receive this credit, which is applicable only to the electric portion of your City of Redding utility bill. You can apply by visiting our website at www.cityofredding.org/assistance. You must complete the application fully and provide the requested supporting documents such as proof of mortgage or rent payment, household income verification, number of adults and children living in your home and a brief description of
your economic hardship. You can also call Customer Service at (530) 339-7200 for assistance with the application process.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and growing economic challenges, the City of Redding has suspended the practice of disconnecting utility services due to non-payment of utilities for residential and commercial customers as of March 16, 2020. REU will continue to monitor and reevaluate as this situation evolves, to determine when the suspension of utility disconnection due to non-payment will end. Customers who are finding it difficult to pay their bill are encouraged to contact City of Redding Customer Service as soon as possible to make payment arrangements on their accounts.

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