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Redding Chamber of Commerce Opposes Local Recall Effort

April 27, 2021
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jake Mangas, president & CEO (530) 225-4433 ext.104
Redding Chamber of Commerce Opposes Local Recall Effort
Shasta County SupervisorsFollowing the recommendation of its Political Action Committee, the Redding Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors decided unanimously today to oppose the local effort to recall Supervisors Joe Chimenti, Leonard Moty, and Mary Rickert. The board has taken this position based upon the following:
1) While much of the state has enforced widespread mandated business shutdowns, the collective decision of the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to educate and not enforce the state’s mandates has allowed more businesses to stay open and survive. Results of this approach are reflected in the Shasta County unemployment rate, which has bested that of the State of California overall since the beginning of the pandemic.
2) The special election is estimated to cost Shasta County taxpayers as much as $400,000. This is not a wise or effective use of public funds. It is recommended that those who wish to run for local office do so within the established 2022 election cycle.
3) In the grips of the pandemic, hundreds of Shasta County businesses responded to a Chamber survey and self-reported a need of $4 million to survive. As a result, the Board of Supervisors approved $4 million in CARES funding in support of COVID-19 Business Relief Grants at the request of the Chamber of Commerce. In total, 473 grants were awarded to local businesses particularly within small service & retail, food & beverage, and hospitality industries at a time when many needed it most.
Now is the time to accentuate the positive momentum in our community and focus on fostering a strong business climate, healthy local government, and vibrant community development. No one could have predicted the unprecedented challenges brought before the local elected officials as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The Chamber stands with Supervisors Joe Chimenti, Leonard Moty, and Mary Rickert in recognition of what is seen as pro-business, community-supportive, decision making, considering the immense and complex realities brought on by the State of California in response to the pandemic.
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