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Policy Briefing – Cap and Trade

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We know 2021 is going to be filled with important policy discussions. In order to prepare for this, the California Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a series of virtual policy briefings to discuss some of the big topics we anticipate this legislative session. The briefings provide useful background and insights on the complex subjects covered.

Cap and Trade

(February 19, 2021) Moderated by Leah B. Silverthorn, CalChamber policy advocate, the briefing featured a presentation by an expert on cap-and-trade, discussion about the history of the program, and explanation of the new rules that went into effect in January 2021.


Rajinder Sahota, Division Chief, Industrial Strategies Division, California Air Resources Board

Single Use Packaging and Recycling

(February 12, 2021) Moderated by Adam Regele, CalChamber policy advocate, the discussion featured the perspectives of a food manufacturer/packager; a chemical engineer; and a waste disposal/recycling professional.

Topics and Speakers

Food Packaging & Recycling

Patrick Keenan, R & D Principal Engineer, Annie’s

Advanced Recycling

Prapti Muhuri, Manager of Recycling and Recovery, American Chemistry Council (ACC)

Circularity in Recycling

Susan Robinson, Sr. Director of Sustainability & Policy, Waste Management

COVID in the Workplace

(February 9, 2021) Moderated by Robert Moutrie, CalChamber policy advocate, the discussion focused on the CalOSHA emergency regulations and the most recent changes to them, including the January FAQs from Cal/OSHA.


Anthony Melo, Director of Global Quality and Safety for Blue Diamond Growers

Dhruv Patel, President & COO for Ridgemont Hospitality

Karen Jones, Director of Advancement for the Aerospace Museum of California

Transportation Infrastructure and Fueling

(February 5, 2021) Moderated by Leah Silverthorn, CalChamber policy advocate, the briefing featured a presentation by an expert on electric vehicles and the transportation infrastructure needed to recharge them.


Eileen Wenger Tutt, Executive Director
California Electric Transportation Coalition and Electric Transportation Community Development Corporation

Workers’ Compensation – Beyond COVID

(January 29, 2021) Moderated by Ashley Hoffman, CalChamber policy advocate, the briefing featured presentations by experts on workers’ compensation and how presumptions on whether a worker contracted COVID-19 at work would affect California business.


Matt O’Shea, Hearing Representative, Workers’ Compensation Department, Albertsons/Safeway

Dr. Chang R. Na, Occupational Medicine, Kaiser Permanente

Jeremy Merz, Vice President, Western Region, American Property Casualty Insurance Association

Tax Fatigue

(January 22, 2021) Moderated by Preston Young, CalChamber policy advocate, the briefing featured presentations by experts on state and local tax impacts, plus a study on how a services tax would affect Californians.

Topics and Speakers

Tax Increases and Their Impact on Our Employers

Carl Joseph, Principal, Indirect and State and Local Tax, Ernest & Young LLP

Ali Vahdat, Principal, West Region State and Local/Indirect Tax Leader, Ernest & Young LLP

Services Tax: California’s Answer to Volatility?

Justin Adams, PhD, President and Chief Economist, Encina Advisors

Consumer Privacy and Innovation

(January 15, 2021) Moderated by Shoeb Mohammed, CalChamber policy advocate, the briefing featured presentations by experts on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the voter-approved California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), data privacy and artificial intelligence.

Topics and Speakers

An Inside Look at Privacy Compliance

Dominique Shelton Leipzig, Partner Privacy & Security,
Co-Chair Ad Tech Privacy & Data Management

An Inside Look at Innovation

Angela Saverice-Rohan, EY America’s Leader for Privacy (All Sectors)

Joined by Jay Imhoff, Sr. Consultant, Data Privacy and Protection and Sebastiano Rupp, Privacy Consultant

California’s Pathway to More Housing

(January 8, 2021) Moderated by Adam Regele, CalChamber policy advocate, the briefing featured experts on California’s Pathway to More Housing, a major issue for the 2021 and 2022 legislative sessions.

Topics and Speakers

Residential Redevelopment of Commercially Zoned Land in California

David Garcia, Policy Director, UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation

Missing Middle Housing

Denise Pinkston, President, The Casita Coalition

CEQA 101

Shahiedah Palmer, Associate, Arent Fox

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