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Paid Parking Paradigm Shift

One of the more common conversations I’ve had over the past few months is regarding what the heck is going to happen with paid parking in downtown Redding. Why charge for parking? Why now? What is the “cost of FREE parking”?

Screenshot 2023 01 13 093130The City of Redding has done its best to explain the paid parking plan in a multimedia marketing approach, including a podcast titled “City of Redding Podcast – Paid Parking Downtown: ‘Worst Idea Ever’ or a Boost to Downtown Business?“. For more about the City’s Parking Program, quick links, parking permit information, and the Downtown Parking Podcast, click HERE.

As is implied in the City’s podcast, one case in favor of on-street paid parking is that in theory, if it’s enforced, it will create more consistent turnover to the benefit of retail businesses, restaurants, and offices. Currently, many people park on the street for a longer duration than the 2-hour maximum time limit because enforcement has been sporadic. Many business owners hope that behavior will be “curbed” once citations begin to be issued following the temporary moratorium. Remember, there will also be options to avoid paying to park. These include visiting downtown on nights and weekends when parking will be free, public transit, riding a bicycle or scooter, or parking in one of the free parking zones and walking a few blocks to your destination.

What do YOU think? Is paid parking an indication that downtown Redding is providing a product worthy of investment? Do modern payment options tell those who live, work and visit downtown Redding that we are a city that has entered the 21st century? Or is paid parking confusing and another hurdle to the consumer?

If you would like to give the City of Redding your opinion on paid parking, they have a feedback link. Please take a moment to provide your thoughts, comments or questions on Downtown Parking by clicking HERE. Of course, the Redding Chamber of Commerce is also interested in your feedback. You can send me your thoughts at jake@reddingchamber.com.

Jake Mangas
President & CEO

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