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More Help on the Way

Look, I don’t want to dominate this column every week with the pandemic anymore than you want to read it. That said, we know that it is the single most important issue at this time and it needs our continued focus. We have been relentless in our efforts to bring the resources – updated information and funding – to you.

1 million dollarsLast week I had a conversation with Donnell Ewert, who runs the Health & Human Services Agency for the County of Shasta. We discussed the ongoing need of certain business types adversely affected by the dreaded purple tier in which we find ourselves. The result was his commitment that county staff would be recommending to the Board of Supervisors at the meeting on November 17th that $1 million dollars of additional funding be dedicated to the business grants program that we are facilitating. The grant committee is going to make sure that those funds go to Shasta County businesses and nonprofits that demonstrate the greatest ongoing need through their application. We anticipate the supervisors agreeing to this additional funding allocation and welcome you to apply today (even if you received previous funding of any kind) by clicking HERE.

Downtown Update

This week Todd Jones, President of the Shasta EDC, and I, had the privilege of meeting with the company that is working to find tenants for the commercial space located at the soon-to-be-completed “Market Center”, located at 1551 Market Street in downtown Redding. If you would like more information regarding a commercial lease, please call or email me at the Chamber and I would be happy to connect you with the people working to get this done. In terms of the 82 apartments above, they anticipate getting the certificate of occupancy on December 1st. All indications are that the residential units will be completely leased up by the end of 2020. “The end of 2020” has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?
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