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Measure A: A Necessary Investment

Following a recommendation from the Political Action Committee, the Redding Chamber of Commerce Board voted unanimously to endorse Measure A. 

A significant factor in the decision was a recent survey of Chamber membership, which clearly showed strong support of the Measure. More than 75% of those that responded indicated that they would vote Yes on Measure A.

Yes on Measure A

We have heard anecdotally and through previous surveys of our members that there is a strong preference for a specific tax, one in which the spending plan is controlled by the voter and taxpayer, not government officials. 

From significant additional jail beds to more police officers and sheriff’s deputies (especially in rural areas), to additional resources to process offenders, Measure A does a complete job addressing the criminal justice system as a supply chain and alleviates the bottlenecks that exist.  

Medication-assisted treatment and other rehabilitative services while in custody and post-release face, head-on, those struggling with drug addiction, which is often at the root of much of the criminal activity adversely affecting our community.  

The additional accountability measures add another layer of assurance that funds must be spent as directed by the voters of Shasta County.  

For more information, please see and please cast your ballot on March 3rd.

Jake Mangas
President & CEO 

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