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Mayor’s Memo: May Edition

It has been another busy month regarding projects within the City of Redding. Redding has been awarded numerous grants within the last year and many of these exciting projects are either mid-construction or nearing completion.

City of Redding Mayor Erin ResnerAffordable Housing:

During the April 20th city council meeting, council approved roughly $700,000 of remaining funds from HUD and the CDBG-Coronavirus funds to the CDBG (community development block grant) Program. The primary focus of this program is to provide a source of funds to develop and implement plans, programs, and projects that provide appropriate living environments and economic opportunities that primarily benefit low and moderate-income individuals and families.

Kudos goes to the City Parks and Recreation Department for securing a plethora of grants to benefit our local trails and recreation spaces.

The California Soccer Park project replacing the turf and installing an energy-efficient light system is completed. The first youth soccer season since COVID shutdowns last year began a few weeks ago. Watching the youth of Redding enjoy our new fields and playing team sports once again has been a joy to watch each Saturday morning.

The replastering and replacing of the play structure at the Redding Aquatic Center activity pool is in progress and should be completed in time for summer swim season.

The Redding Riffle Restoration, a grant-funded project, was recently completed. Native shrubs and trees have been planted as well as making improvements for parking and river access.

Nur Pon Open Space (formerly Henderson Open Space) also a grant-funded project, has begun one mile of trail improvements, constructing trailhead parking, installing a new restroom, and creating a side channel with two new beautiful steel bridges. This project is still under construction and should be completed by mid-June and will provide another wonderful area for community recreation.

Pickle Ball is one of the fastest growing sports in America and if you have yet to try it, you should. Mentioned last month, local “Pickerballers” have been working with the city to coordinate the construction of six pickleball courts at Enterprise Park which are ahead of schedule and set to open in May.

Lake Redding Park is under construction. Two sand volleyball courts will soon be completed. Yet another example of projects made possible by great partnerships between community groups and the city Recreation Department.

The Salt Creek Heights connector trail, 1.5 miles of trail with a 70’ bridge over the creek, a partnership with the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) was completed this last month.

Buenaventura Trail, often called 10 Bridges and mentioned last month, is still in progress.  The California Conservation Corps have been diligently realigning, widening, and resurfacing this trail after it was severely damaged during the Carr Fire. This was also a grant funded project.

Recently the Tree planting project successfully planted 100 trees downtown and 140 planted in City parks and Landscape Maintenance Districts throughout the city helping achieve our goal of growing the local tree canopy and increasing shade.

REU funded the Energy Savings Shade Tree Program. Over four years, over 4,000 trees have been and will be delivered to City residents by the completion of this program this fall.

The Sac River Trail Public Art Project will be an iconic sculpture adjacent to the Stress Ribbon Bridge, along with new paving and painting for the bridge funded with a $1M gift in memory of Susan Emmerson. This piece will be admired by the community and be a wonderful tribute to the generosity and life of Mrs. Emmerson. The Artist selection for this project will be made in May this year and installation is set for 2022.

Transient Occupancy Tax: During the March 6th meeting of the council Chamber CEO, Jake Mangas and Turtle Bay Board member Randall Hempling presented data relating to the garden of lights. Some notewothy items include: all nights with the exception of TWO were completely sold out, travelers came from five states (CA, OR, WA, NV, and TX), and the top three ticket purchases were from Redding, Sacramento, and Folsom residents. Over $650,000 worth of TOT was collected during the time in which the garden of lights was in operation. With such an incredible turnout, we look forward to many more years of this incredible feature.

There is much to look forward to as we move into Summer 2021!

Erin Resner
Mayor of Redding

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