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Mayor’s Memo: August Edition

State of the City is coming up soon with many things to celebrate. Stay tuned for details from the Chamber and the City on this year’s event. It will look a lot different than it has in previous years!

City of Redding Mayor Erin ResnerNational night out will be held on October 5th this year, we hope to see you in your neighborhood.

Fire prevention:
It has been a busy summer and fire season is in full swing. The smoke and air quality feel like a daily reminder to be mindful of fire prevention. I think everyone’s favorite fuel reduction tactic is our goat herds. Using goat herds has proven to be a very cost-effective and efficient manner in clearing vegetation. To augment the City’s fire mitigation measures, REU’s IQ Fire watch towers are up and running and have proven to be a vital resource in providing early fire alerts throughout the city. We are so thankful that this council was finally able to achieve the long term goal of 3 men engines prior to the start of summer. Please be diligent in your own efforts to prevent fires and checkout the podcast series featuring City of Redding Fire Marshal Craig Wittner for helpful tips.

The City has submitted its grant application to the State for Panorama Park, located at Tamarack and Panorama Drive. Staff’s initial designs for this park were shared during last council meeting and we are hoping to hear good news sometime in September. The City has been very successful in receiving grant funds which are typically state funded. Here’s to continued success.

The Diestelhorst to Downtown bike and pedestrian path opened on July 15th! Be sure to check that out soon, everyone seems to be loving it. This is another project primarily funded by State Grants (the City contributed less than .05%) of the total project cost and providing Redding another simple yet beautiful way to see our city and enjoy the natural beauty of where we live and work.

Nur-Pon Trail – Phase 2 (Henderson open space update):
The City received official notice that the Nur Pon Trail-Phase 2 (south end) grant application has been approved by the CA
Transportation Commission. The project is designed to connect the newly constructed channel bridges to form a loop trail through the property. Staff anticipates being able to begin work as early as this month. The public opening of Nur Pon Open Space Area is anticipated to occur later this Fall.

Affordable housing is a concern across California. This council along with city staff have hit this topic hard. Based on the number of units presently being constructed or will be constructed during the calendar year, the City’s Housing Division has exceeded its production goals for new construction multifamily units. The council declared a housing crisis, passed local ordinances to allow for micro-shelters within specific parameters, planning staff is working closely with contractors to finalize preapproved ADU options, and exploring concrete 3D printing ADU options as well. Housing issues are being attacked from all angles.

The City of Redding has weathered the storm of potential financial uncertainty with ease mostly because our finance department has been conservative and often downright perfect in their budget estimates. TOT for July brought in nearly 66% over budget which is a substantial increase over July 2020’s TOT.

Mayor Erin Resner

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