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It’s A Time For Grace

When I think of the word “grace” in a secular sense, I come to think of it as being courteous, patient, tolerant, even when (especially when!) someone may express a view or opinion that is different than my own. We are in a place and time in our country in which it is commonplace to instead label the opposition, shout back, whether that is on social media, during a Presidential Debate, or at a local, public meeting. Decorum is at a deficit.

Jakes Blog Graphics 1This weekend I was invited by local film company, Speropictures, to attend the first public viewing of a full-length documentary focused on the women of the family and administration of the current President of the United States. I knew that because it is THIS President at THIS time anything I were to post on my Facebook page would become a partisan punch out. Still, after much internal debate, I chose to do it anyway. Would I have posted it if it were about President Obama? Yes. I did it because it was about celebrating a win for a Redding company, not about what people choose to do with their ballots on November 3rd.

It would be naive of me to expect people to not “go there” in terms of firing up their political passions. I guess it is just a reminder that many of us are on edge at this time of disruption and uncertainty. Human beings can only handle so much before we start using the primitive “fight or flight” portion of our brain and move away from the logic of the cerebral cortex ( I hope I got that right…It’s been many moons since I took a Psychology class). The point is that whether the hot button topic is the current election season, the merits of wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, kneeling or standing for the National Anthem, or any other issue of the day, it is a time to find the inner peace to show grace to those around us. I know I could use some help in that department as well.

Fire Relief Efforts

All of us at the Redding Chamber of Commerce thank all of our local public safety officials who are working long hours to fight the Zogg Fire, burning west of Redding. The Community Foundation of the North State (formerly the Shasta Regional Community Foundation) and the United Way of Northern California have each set up funds for fire relief and recovery.

Community Foundation of the North State’s Zogg Fire Relief and Recovery Fund, please CLICK HERE.

United Way of Northern California’s Wildfire Recovery & Disaster Relief Fund please CLICK HERE.

Checking in with You

Finally, I am happy to hear from you about what is going well in your business or where you need help. I am also ready for you to completely disagree with what I have written above and that is ok. Help me understand your perspective.

Jake Mangas, President & CEO
Redding Chamber of Commerce

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