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Introducing the “Mayor’s Memo”

As I wrote previously in this weekly column, our city has a mayor who is making history. Redding Mayor, Erin Resner, is the first to conduct city council meetings while nursing her infant son, Renzo. I attended this week’s meeting and heard for myself as the little one cried out, prompting our mayor to briefly vacate her post, get things settled with the baby, and return to carry on with city business. It was an endearing sight to behold.

city hallI have known Mayor Resner for many years. She is devoted to her family, to her business (Dutch Bros.), and to those who are grinding away to scratch out a living as part of the Redding business community. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the first “Mayor’s Memo” in this week’s Chamber newsletter. We plan for this to be a monthly occurrence and think that it will serve as an important link to city hall.

This is one of several ways in which we will be working with our mayor this year. I am encouraged by her focus on improving the business climate in Redding and her desire to celebrate your successes and understand your challenges. We have an ally leading the city council this year.


Remembering Gary Burks

Thank you to all of those who called and emailed regarding the sudden passing of Gary Burks, General Manager of Blach Beverage and longtime supporter of the Chamber and the local business community. Here are a few of the comments I received:

I’m so shocked and saddened.
Beth Tappan, Results Radio

He was always so kind and giving. Many people do nice things, but Gary never chose who he would be nice to, he was nice to everyone and he never expected anything in return. I am glad I was able to get to know Gary because I now have a vision of who I want to become and I can now measure all that I do against that vision. Like you said he made all of us feel special and he never made us feel like we had to measure up to be special. This world would be a much better place if more people could have been touched by the love that Gary so freely gave away.
Laurie Baker, Visit Redding

A really lovely and touching tribute to Gary. Still shocked and so sad with this news as so many of us are.
Amanda Hutchings, Fall River Brewing Company

I just adored Gary. He cared so much about his family and his community. He did everything with warmth and joy. He was walking sunshine.
Judy Salter, Civic Member

Gary was a giant among men in so many ways. He will be sorely missed.
Bill Haedrich, Haedrich & Co.

Jake Mangas, President & CEO


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