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Inside the Capitol – February 1, 2023


HOT ISSUES for the Week of September 24, 2019

Tuesday, September 24

Legal Reform and Protection
OPPOSE AB 51 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) JOB KILLER: Ban on Arbitration Agreements — Significantly expands employment litigation and increases costs for employers and employees by banning arbitration agreements made as a condition of employment, which is likely preempted under the Federal Arbitration Act and will only delay the resolution of claims. Banning such agreements benefits the trial attorneys, not the employer or employee. Governor Brown vetoed a similar measure last year and stated it “plainly violates federal law.” To Governor.

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OPPOSE AB 731 (Kalra; D-San Jose) Large Group Rate Review — Threatens employers with higher premiums by driving up administrative costs and imposing a burdensome rate review process for health plans and insurers in the large group market. To Governor.

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Hazardous Waste
SUPPORT AB 733 (Quirk; D-Hayward) Acute Toxicity Study Bill — Provides the California Department of Toxic Substances Control with authority to evaluate whether alternative tests can be used to identify whether substances are hazardous waste or extremely hazardous waste, which is a positive first step toward reducing the number of products that are treated as hazardous waste when disposed of at retail. To Governor.

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Privacy and Cybersecurity
SUPPORT AB 25 (Chau; D-Monterey Park) Largely Exempts Employment Data — Largely exempts employee, job applicant, and contractor data from the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which is a necessary fix to prevent huge, additional compliance costs for businesses for something never intended by this law designed for “consumers,” and is necessary to prevent negative, unintended consequences. To Governor.

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SUPPORT AB 874 (Irwin; D-Thousand Oaks) Provides Two Clarifications of California Consumer Privacy Act’s Definition of “Personal Information” — Adds reasonable standard to the CCPA’s definition of personal information to avoid requiring businesses to compile consumer data in a way that would be hugely wasteful and harmful to consumer privacy. It also eliminates an unconstitutional limitation of business dissemination of publicly available government records from the definition of personal information. To Governor.

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OPPOSE AB 1130 (Levine; D-Marin County) Expansion of the California Consumer Privacy Act’s (CCPA) Privacy Right of Action — Expands the CCPA’s onerous private right of action, which requires no proof of injury. To Governor.

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