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I Wanted to Be a Millennial…

…but it turns out I am just a young Gen Xer, and typical of those of us born between 1965 and 1980, we are resourceful and independent because many of us were “latchkey kids” left to fend for ourselves after school when dad and mom were still at work. We are a bit miffed that our Baby Boomer parents and younger Millennial siblings seem to grab all the headlines, but that just comes with the territory of we, the forgotten generation (queue the violin).
Generation X ImgeThe truth of the matter is that each generation is broad-stroked with certain attributes and significant events that mark the time of their lives that affect the way they see the world including the workplace, and if COVID has taught us anything, it is that “workplace” can be anywhere with a wifi signal, even the bathroom, not that I would know anything about that – gross! The point is that there are distinct characteristics that effective employers and managers need to pay attention to within the 5 generations in the workplace today if they hope to attract and retain talent. From what we have heard from you through our outreach, what I just typed regarding “getting and keeping talent” probably grabbed your attention.
Thanks to O2 Employment Services and Vistage, a nationally-acclaimed expert on the multigenerational workforce, Dr. Katherine Jeffery, brought to light how to manage, motivate, understand, and help make sense of what makes each generation tick. I found her two-hour talk in front of a near capacity crowd at the Cascade Theatre to be really relevant. At times I felt I was looking into a mirror and seeing my own leadership style explained through my own life’s experience. At other times, it felt as though I was standing outside our office peering into the window and wondering if I am, as an employer, doing all I can to encourage my team given the generational attributes of each of them. What I am trying to get at is that the presentation was really well done. I’ll likely be processing the information received for the next few days and bringing the staff together to discuss it after the Memorial Day holiday.
For those of you who missed this opportunity, Dr. Jeffrey provides an insightful overview of what defines each of the five generations HERE.
The Redding Chamber is Growing

Thanks to the collective volunteer efforts of the audacious ambassadors, benevolent board, and stellar staff of the Redding Chamber of Commerce, our organization added 80 new members during the recent and successful “Celebrate Local” effort during National Small Business Week earlier this month. I am bursting with gratitude for all involved in making it possible. See the list of those who decided to become part of the chamber, and help welcome our new members!

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