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How to Hit a Moving Target

How often in business these days have you said, or heard others say, running a business is like “trying to hit a moving target”? The phrase has become a cliche for sure.
targetSo in a literal sense, how do you hit a moving target?

If you ask a hunter to explain it, they likely will tell you in one way or another that you must do at least the following: identify the target, swing through the target, and follow through after taking the shot.

Thankfully, the experts at O2 Employment Services are adept at keeping their sights set on the moving target in the arena of human resources and labor laws. Next week, on February 2nd from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m., the Redding Chamber will be partnering with the Economic Development Corporation of Shasta County in presenting a virtual “2021 Labor Law & HR Update”, FREE to the local business community thanks to the generosity of O2.
Identify the Target
The rapidly changing arena of human resources and labor laws can be as elusive as a jack rabbit in a thicket. O2 Employment Services will be covering the latest on the following topics:
Leaves of Absence – CFRA
Cal/OSHA Regulations
Wage and Hour
Recruiting and Hiring
Disabilities in the Workplace
Workers’ Compensation
Swing Through the Target
O2’s Jennifer Thomas, Director of Business Operations and Insurance Services, will be leading the webinar. Having been present for her presentations in the past, I know she will deliver a professional and comprehensive update in a way that will hold your attention. Since her arrival with the company in 2014, she has become certified in HR and has become focused on the ACA and the impact that it has on our local businesses. With 20+ years of management and HR experience, she specializes in overall practice management, business operations, contract negotiations, benefits, employee relations, labor regulations, budgets, policy/procedure as well as problem solving and all things HR. Jennifer is the current Immediate Past President for North State Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and serves as the Advocacy Liaison for the Far North State.
Follow Through
We are committed to providing you with the information you will need to make informed and smart decisions for your business going forward. As you begin to implement the new requirements, know that you can count on the Chamber to stay in communication with O2 to remain aware of any surprises that (let’s face it) WILL come in the future.
There are already 150 people registered for next week’s webinar. Please see the information contained in this e-newsletter for webinar registration information as well as additional resources to assist your business in this ongoing time of challenging, moving targets.
Jake Mangas
President & CEO
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