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Chamber’s Business Recovery Effort Focuses on Alleviating Pain Points

We have heard from you loud and clear that finding qualified employees, or even a warm body willing to work, has been one of your biggest, current challenges in your business. In response, the Redding Chamber has continued to focus its business recovery efforts to help alleviate those pain points you have shared with us. Over the past two months, we have entered into partnerships with Shasta College on a workforce training program through the college’s Business Training Center. You may recall “Chamber University”. The plan is to relaunch it as we continue to crawl out from under the pandemic. This effort will incorporate participating chambers of commerce in the Shasta College footprint – Shasta, Tehama, and Trinity Counties. Additionally, the Shasta County Office of Education is on the leading edge of overcoming local child care access challenges. Through a newly formed partnership, we will be connecting their resources with the business community in the greater Redding area and Shasta County.

workforce and managementIt seems we are on the right track. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently released a column titled, “4 Ways Employers Can Improve Recruiting and Retention”, which sheds additional light on the four issues most significantly affecting employers’ ability to attract and keep employees across the country. I encourage you to read the article by clicking HERE.

According to the U.S. Chamber, “Many Americans who lost their job during the pandemic—and remain unemployed—are not actively searching for work, according to a new U.S. Chamber poll. In fact, 45% feel they can remain out of work for six months or more before it becomes essential to return to a full-time job. The lack of people actively seeking work is a major factor contributing to the ongoing workforce shortage, leaving employers looking for ways to adapt their recruiting and retention practices to attract the talent they need.

To be sure, the new post-pandemic workforce looks very different than the pre-pandemic one, and what employees expect from jobs has changed dramatically as a result. Money is still important, of course, but it isn’t just about money anymore. Hybrid work schedules, reskilling and upskilling training, a positive work environment, and other factors all play an important role in people’s decision to go back to work or not.”

In case you did not read the complete article, here are the top 4 ways employers can improve their ability to attract and keep employees:

1) Help Workers Find Affordable, Quality Childcare
2) Offer Hybrid Work Schedules
3) Invest in Training and Upskilling New Hires
4) Seek Out Recruits from Traditionally Overlooked Talent Pools

I admit that it is encouraging for us to learn that our strategic focus seems to be on target. We are excited to bring real solutions to the table utilizing the incredible resources within our own community in the public and private sectors. In the meantime, all of us at the Redding Chamber wish you a profitable end to the calendar year!

Jake Mangas
President & CEO

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