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7 TikTok Trends for Entrepreneurs

 A young woman records herself as she prepares a smoothie at home to start the workday.

Your videos don’t have to be elaborately produced pieces of content. They could be as simple as a recap of your daily prework morning routine. — Getty Images/Milan Markovic

TikTok’s widespread popularity and impact on society makes it an ideal marketing platform for brands and businesses looking for more exposure. By going viral or following a trend on a certain topic, the platform can help businesses create a devoted follower base awaiting your next video upload or product release.

Here are seven TikTok trends that could help your marketing strategy.

Day in the life

“Day in the life” vlogs have surged in popularity, capturing brief snapshots of daily routines in under a minute. Using rapid scene changes (also known as transitions), users chronicle their everyday tasks and experiences often using voice-overs or music. This trend in particular satisfies human curiosity about other people’s lives and creates a sense of authenticity on social media.

An example of this trend might play out as a business owner who regularly shares their journey into the office, captivating followers by showcasing their morning routine before leaving for work and showing a snippet of employees who they meet with. The vlogger might even show breaks in their workday and what occurs during them, whether it’s reading, decompressing through meditation, or socializing with their team.

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Dance challenges

TikTok’s rise to global fame is in large part due to dance challenges, where users create dances to music and challenge others, fostering engagement and a sense of community. Rooted in its origins, TikTok sees dance challenges as a popular feature to this day.

From Jalaiah S. Harmon’s “Renegade” back in 2019 to the viral “Addams Family” spin-off “Wednesday” dance of 2022, users from many backgrounds love to put their own spin on the latest dance craze. Business owners can put their own spin on dance challenges by incorporating their product or services into the video.

ASMR/Satisfying videos

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) triggers tingling sensations when individuals listen to specific sounds, such as soft whispering or low-pitched voices, or watch ordinary tasks like cooking or cleaning, while satisfying videos provide visual gratification. So-called “satisfying” videos can include tasks done with precision, such as baking or painting.

Brands can create visually or auditorily pleasing content, like serene calligraphy or mixing colorful pigments into slime, accompanied by soothing music for an engaging and mesmerizing experience.

TikTok thrives on subcultures, drawing passionate users around shared interests, aesthetics, and values.

Pack an order

You can boost community engagement by sharing “pack an order with me” videos to go behind the scenes at your business. This trend has been embraced by small businesses in particular and builds a connection and trust with customers.

These videos tend to possess an ASMRlike quality, enhancing their appeal to viewers. You might also consider organizing a visually appealing workspace for easy merchandise access during filming.

Subculture content

TikTok thrives on subcultures, drawing passionate users around shared interests, aesthetics, and values. TikTok’s accessible subcultures offer a space where individuals can share their passions and creative content, encouraging self-expression. This is a great branding opportunity where you can align those values and create powerful connections with viewers in a specific demographic.

Additionally, subculture hashtags — like #MomsofTikTok, #BookTok, #FoodTok, and #MoneyTok — influence the unique identity and aesthetic of the brand you’ve created while also fostering authenticity. Connecting with these subcultures can establish brand credibility and tap into passionate communities to create niche connections.

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How-to videos/tutorials

How-to videos and tutorials are short and sweet, often focusing on a task within a 15- to 60-second time frame. However, most how-tos and tutorials are often fun and clear enough for the viewer to understand. Topics are endless for these types of videos, ranging from beauty to business to finance to fashion to cooking.

You can also teach viewers something they might not already know about your product or service, demonstrate the “right” or “newest” way to use your product, or even how to make money in a short amount of time.

Green screen

Similar to TV and film’s green screen technology, TikTok’s green screen feature allows you to overlay backgrounds, enhancing entertainment, education, and storytelling. You can access various overlay options under the “Effects” tab while recording, making this option versatile and user-friendly — allowing you to add depth and diverse settings to your video for engagement.

Learn more about leveraging this popular platform for your small business in our guide to developing a TikTok strategy.

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