City Council Entrusts Chamber with Marketing Redding

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Tuesday evening, the Redding City Council made the decision to award a five to ten year contract to the Redding Chamber of Commerce, beginning July 1st of this year. To say we are excited to take on this opportunity would be a significant understatement. For me, personally, I have wanted to contribute to this space […]

Governor Sets Target Date for Reopening California

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This week, Governor Gavin Newsom set a June 15 benchmark for fully reopening the state’s economy. He emphasized that moving on is contingent on Californians continuing to wear masks and remain vigilant to curb the spread of COVID-19. A news release from the Governor’s office cited two criteria for fully reopening on June 15: • […]

Job Killer Additions Increase Taxes, Labor/Employment Mandates

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The California Chamber of Commerce this week added four bills to its annual list of job killer legislation. The additions bring the 2021 job killer list to a total of 22 legislative bills that would place California employers and the state’s economy in harm’s way should they become law. The four additions to the list […]

On-Site Drug Testing: Remember to Support Need, Confidentiality

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We’ve been bringing our employees back into the office, and pursuant to our “reasonable suspicion” drug testing, would like to conduct in-house drug testing. Can we do this? The short answer is yes — employers can conduct drug tests on site. There are a few issues to be aware of, however. Written Policy First, you […]

CalChamber Wins Landmark Prop. 65 Ruling

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California businesses scored a landmark victory last week when Chief District Judge Kimberly Mueller of the Eastern District of California granted the California Chamber of Commerce motion for a preliminary injunction barring the California Attorney General and anyone else from filing new lawsuits against businesses to enforce the Proposition 65 warning requirement for cancer as […]

Rising Payroll Taxes Coming to Shore Up California’s Pandemic-Depleted UI Fund

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As the 2021 crop of legislation is coming into form and moving through legislative committees addressing a range of topics, one topic is conspicuously absent: aid for California’s deeply insolvent Unemployment Insurance (UI) Fund. COVID Response As we all know, California (and many other states) utilized their unemployment insurance systems to new scales in response […]

California Travel Looks to Bounce Back After Sharp Pandemic Decline

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March marked one year since the coronavirus changed the way Californians live and work. This spring carries a sense of optimism as vaccines become more widely available. But recent data outlining the pandemic’s devastating effects on the state’s tourism economy illustrate just how challenging a year it was for the travel industry and how much […]